Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A parallel approach to solve Resource-constrained project scheduling problem analytically            0000-00-00
2    Optimization of the number of keys in combining cryptography and access control approaches for data outsourcing    M.Sc.    golgir, hoda    0000-00-00
3    Some Improvements of Branch and Bound method in Resource Constrained Project Scheduling problem    M.Sc.    khayati, abbas    2010-03-13
4    Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems via Legendre and Chebyshev Polynomials    M.Sc.    tohidi, emran    2011-04-16
5    An innovative approch for optimizing wharehouse capacity utilization    M.Sc.    erfani, khalil    2011-05-10
6    On the effect of Bidirectional scheduling scheme in the performance of Genetic-algorithm for the solution of the RCPSP.    M.Sc.    Estiri, Azadeh    2011-05-17
7    Adaptive numerical methods for macroscopic traffic flow models    Ph.D    davoodi, nooshin    2011-12-17
8    Using Facility Location Problem to Determine Optimal Policies to control Projects    Ph.D    Sabeghi, Narjes    2012-01-11
9    Inverse p-median Problem on graphs    M.Sc.    esfandiari, mohammadreza    2012-04-30
10    On scheduling of activities to maximize the net present value of projects    M.Sc.    mortazavi nejad, marziye    2012-05-05
11    Computational Improvement Of Phillips Algorithm In Time And Cost Tradeoff Problem    M.Sc.    haji seyyedi, nastaran sadat    2012-05-05
12    time-cost trade off in the planing networks with generalized precedence relations    M.Sc.    rahmati, najmeh    2012-05-06
13    optimal fuzzy control of a poisoning-pest model    M.Sc.    keshtegar, mansoreh    2013-04-22
14    Using Sliding mode Control in Stability of Control and Optimal Control Systems    M.Sc.    abkhizy, ebrahim    2013-04-22
15    The stability consideration of the delay model of tumor growth    M.Sc.    divandar, fahimeh    2013-04-22
16    New course of actions in the selection of the optimal portfolio of project    Ph.D    Jafarzadeh, Morteza    2013-05-04
17    Reactive scheduling in the multi-mode RCPSP    M.Sc.    akhavan imani, zahra    2013-05-20
18    Using Disruption Management Ideas to schedule the RCPSP    M.Sc.    Razmara, Leili    2013-05-20
19    Using Boolean Algebra to solve a multi-mode resource constrained project scheduling problem    M.Sc.    Cheshomi, Razie    2013-05-20
20    The stability consideration of the dynamic model of tuberculosis    M.Sc.    masoudi, bahareh    2014-05-12
21    Pre_emptive resource constrained project scheduling with fast tracking    M.Sc.    adaby, seiedeh farzane    2014-05-12
22    PROGRESS:Optimaly solving the generalized resource-constrained project scheduling problem    M.Sc.    Esmaeely, Elham    2014-05-26
23    Using particle swarm algorithm to solve the project portfolio problem    M.Sc.    mardani, atiyeh    2014-11-03
24    Hybrid solution method for resource-constrained project scheduling problem using a new schedule generator    M.Sc.    hashemi, taiiebe    2014-12-08
25    Metaheurestices Algorithm solving multi-criteria project portfolio selection    M.Sc.    sohrabi, aliakbar    2015-04-21
26    Analysing methods of computing lower bounds for resource-constrained project scheduling problem    M.Sc.    delbari, somaye sadat    2015-05-18
27    Preemption in resource-constrained project scheduling    M.Sc.    ilbeigi, leila    2015-06-29
28    Maximizing the OPEC's crude oil profit under the influence of political and economical factors    M.Sc.    Riahifar, Aida    2016-02-29
29    Designing and implementing a new generator for resource constrained project scheduling problems    M.Sc.    Ghaffari Shad, Mohammad Amin    2016-05-09
30    multi-period fuzzy portfolio optimization    M.Sc.    YAZDANI, ZOHREH    2016-06-07
31    A simulation and evaluation of earned value metrics to forecast the project duration    M.Sc.    mojarrad, azam    2017-12-26
32    On the affect of supply chain management on a firm's revenue    M.Sc.    talebiyan mashhadi, fatemeh    2018-03-05
33    Evaluation of deterministic state-of-the-art forecasting approaches for project duration based on earned value manageement    M.Sc.    gholami, kobra    2018-03-05